Exam tips: SC-200

Microsoft has recently announced a new series of certifications, the SC series which are the following : SC-200 Microsoft Security Operations Analyst SC-300 Microsoft Identity and Access Administrator SC-400 Microsoft Information Protection Administrator SC-900 Microsoft Security, Compliance, and Identity Fundamentals The above certifications are focusing on Microsoft Security products.In this article we are going toContinue reading “Exam tips: SC-200”

Windows Virtual Desktop Review

During the last two months Ι am using Windows Virtual Desktop for my primary workstation.So, I think that it is an opportunity to share my thoughts with you about this product at the article below. What exactly is Windows Virtual Desktop ? Windows Virtual Desktop is a desktop and app virtualization service that runs onContinue reading “Windows Virtual Desktop Review”

AzureRM Templates with Visual Studio

Arm templates AzureRM Templates with Visual Studio!Customize your template and deploy multiple resources,as many times as you want in a few minutes! AzreRM templates are a very efficient and easy way in order to deploy resources on azure cloud.You can find these templates on every Azure resource, download and start using them immediately! At theContinue reading “AzureRM Templates with Visual Studio”

Infrastructure as Code :Intro to Terraform on Azure Part 1

Infrastructure as Code is the management and provisioning of infrastructure through configuration files.But why we have to get into all this trouble to learn how to use all these new technologies? Unfortunately there are some things at Legacy Infrastructure that i like to call as “Infrastructure Pain..!” So high costs,complexity on the deployments,the management andContinue reading “Infrastructure as Code :Intro to Terraform on Azure Part 1”

Logic App – Image Recognition

See below how you can integrate logic app with Artificial Intelligence. At the following video I have created a Logic App that is triggered when a file ( a picture in our example) is uploaded to my one drive account.So after the picture has been uploaded azure cognitive services takes on the wheel.The face recognitionContinue reading “Logic App – Image Recognition”

Manage Azure virtual machines with Ansible Tower

Moving your IaaS infrastructure to Azure does not mean that you have done with servers maintenance and management.There are a lot of tools that you can use to deploy your configurations and Ansible is one of the most powerful. Ansible has the three following characteristics that i like most: Agent-less – The only thing thatContinue reading “Manage Azure virtual machines with Ansible Tower”